Each week we anticipate Mondays for the simple fact we can guarantee Nipsey Hussle is releasing new music. This week Nipsey waited until the last hour of the night to release his new song “Shell Shocked.” Nonetheless, he delivered yet again.

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The two-minute track was produced by Mike & Keys, Tariq and My Guy Mars. “Shell Shocked” is a very upbeat track with a straight to the point flow, proving how versatile Nipsey’s style is as a rapper.

As the weeks go by, it’s safe to say Victory Lap is coming sooner than later. We have a good feeling about such a notion being that Nipsey has released the cover art for the album, using it as his Twitter header and profile picture.


All the music we’ve gotten from Nipsey from the #MarathonMonday campaign is enough to make an album or mixtape in itself, which is all the more reason for us to believe Victory Lap will be Nipsey’s best project yet.