Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Run Down on Jonah Hill Pretending to Be a Thirsty Fan

Have you ever told your friend to meet you across the street from where you actually were, just so you could see them coming and take away their opportunity to scare the sh*t out of you?

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We’re not sure if that’s exactly the strategy Leonardo DiCaprio employed with his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill in New York City recently, but Jonah should’ve thought of it himself. Because ol’ Jordan Belfort got him good.

Hill was waiting for the recent Academy Award winner–finally!–to show up on a NYC street, and DiCaprio showed up in a flurry, phone blazing, as if he were a thirsty fan that just spotted one of his favorite actors. Hill was visibly shaken by the incident, but only for the split second that transpired before he realized it was just Leo being an a**hole.


Your friends are just as annoying, admit it.