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Presumptive Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein revealed Monday [August 3] that she’d selected Ajamu Baraka as her running mate for this year’s election. “Ajamu Baraka is a powerful, eloquent spokesperson for the transformative, radical agenda whose time has come,” Stein said in a public statement. “An agenda of economic, social, racial, gender, climate, indigenous and immigrant justice.”

Baraka, a human rights activist, served on boards for Amnesty International, coordinated the Black Left Unity Network’s Committee on International Affairs, and was the executive director of the U.S. Human Rights Network. For the past six years the vice presidential hopeful has also maintained a personal blog where he’s written on everything from race, international affairs, and current events. With the announcement Fusion scoured the blog for some of his opinions.

See how he feels about these people:



“I cannot for the life of me understand how Beyoncé’s commodified caricature of Black opposition was in any way progressive,” Baraka said. “I didn’t see opposition; I saw the imagery and symbols of authentic Black radicalism grotesquely transformed into a de-politicized spectacle by gyrating, light-skinned booty-short-clad sisters.”

Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton:

Funeral Held For Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali In His Hometown Of Louisville, Kentucky

“With the passing of Muhammad Ali, we are witnessing a phenomenon similar to what we saw with Dr. King when the family allowed the state to define the meaning of Dr. Kings’ activism and the movement that created him,” wrote Baraka. “The announcement that Bill Clinton, the rapist and petty opportunist politician, had been chosen to deliver the eulogy at Ali’s funeral suggests that his family is heading down that same path.”

“Unlike Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and the other members of the black petit-bourgeoisie who have become the living embodiments of the partial success of the state’s attempt to colonize the consciousness of Africans/Black people,” Baraka argues. “The life of Muhammad Ali and the Black liberation movement that he was a part of in his early years and our movement’s moral positions on state violence in the form of the death penalty stands as counter-narratives to those attempts by the state to ‘Americanize’ the Africans in the territory called the U.S.”

Bernie Sanders’ campaign and his supporters:

bernie sanders
“As much as the ‘Sandernistas ’ attempt to disarticulate Sanders ‘progressive’ domestic policies from his documented support for empire,” Baraka said. “It should be obvious that his campaign is an ideological prop – albeit from a center/left position – of the logic and interests of the capitalist-imperialist settler state.”