Jonah Hill Tells of That Time He Accidentally E-Mailed Drake His “Food Diary”


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Jonah Hill has been in the news quite a bit lately, but for slightly unfavorable and awkward reasons. The superstar actor and film producer got the sh*t scared out of him by a Leonardo DiCaprio in prankster mode during a recent meet-up in New York City, and he’s now told Jimmy Fallon about a particularly awkward e-mail.

That e-mail consisted of Hill’s “food diary”–or, his eating regiment–which he intended to send to a nutritionist doctor referred to him by a guy anyone would go to for nutrition and body advice, his buddy Channing Tatum. Unfortunately, due to a hilarious auto-complete blunder, rather than send it to someone with the prefix “Dr.,” Hill sent his “food diary” to Drake. Or Drizzy Drake. Heck, they both work.

As Hill tells it:


One night I was at home and bored, and was like ‘Oh I didn’t email this guy.’ I was looking like an hour later through my sent messages. And it must have been ‘Dr’ because it was doctor, and I had sent it to Drake. Drake—who I don’t know well at all, I met him once—he just got an email from me that said like yogurt, salad, chicken. He wrote back, you went from zero to 100 calories real quick. Nah he didn’t write back, never spoke to him again. Another guy I’ve gotta dump for the rest of my life, a laundry list of people I can never speak to again.


As it happens, both Drake and Hill have an affinity for killing it on Saturday Night Live, so maybe there’s a future skit to be found in this real-life error. Either way, thanks for the laughs Jonah.