There’s no secret Karen Civil wears a lot of hats, but now she’s adding producer to the list?. Wale took to Twitter to announce Karen Civil’s new gig, stating she has co-produced a song on his upcoming album SHiNE, featuring Lil Wayne.

Karen Civil co produced an amazing song on SHiNE..always challenge your creativity Kids #FolarinXTunechi

— Wale (@Wale) August 2, 2016

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Not really sure what kind of sound KC will have, so our predictions will have to stem from what kind of song could Wale, and Lil Wayne would cook up together. Here we go.

Wale and Lil Wayne: It’s about to get geechi.


Wale is always eluding to the fact that Rick Ross wants him to make geechi records. Our prediction is that he, Wayne, and KC flew down to Miami and went full Southern bar rap. When you think of Wale, and Lil Wayne, you think of two spittas that can bar you to death. Both, with recent instances of being slept on, probably took this track on SHiNE to pull out their best punchlines. How can Karen Civil help? She’s a female with cloth talk. Different perspective. She brags different.

Karen Civil has been around a LOT of rap.

SHiNE won’t just be an ordinary project for Wale. Every Wale album can potentially be THAT Wale album, and SHiNE is no different. There isn’t a more on the cusp artist in rap than Wale. He’s so close to being on another tier that at times it frustrates him more than anyone else. Having such an out of the box like this song will be is key to an over the top album. How is it out of the box? Production from Karen Civil. Karen Civil has been around a lot of rap, but not as a producer. But, it’s beneficial because she’s going to ultimately be able to tell you what works, and what doesn’t. Her rapport with both artists will ooze out, and just the dynamic of having a Black, female producer on a song will make people intrigued to listen. What else? You have a Lil Wayne feature. No matter what era in rap we’re in, that’s still huge.

Lighter flicks.

“Civil on the beat…”. Lil Wayne is one of those artists that will always be able to get his music played, because are always looking to critique his verses. Whether the verse is good, or bad, the masses will find out, because they will listen. It’s the itch. Like, “did Wayne go off” “is he back”? Questions that surround a Wayne release every time. Wale has the luxury of knowing, the masses will listen, which is sometimes something that plagues his releases. Did the masses listen? A lot of times, if the masses would have listened to Wale, he would already be placed in that before mentioned higher tier. Now, of course he needs more than a Lil Wayne lighter flick, and verse to make SHiNE what it certainly can be, but having those elements on just this one song will be huge.

Karen Civil inspires a demographic: Black Girl Magic.

Even if KC wouldn’t be a dope producer, which we can kinda already figure she is, having a placement on a Wale album. But, even if she wasn’t, this is still such an inspirational move. So many young girls out there probably shy away from producing, DJ’n, even rapping thinking that this is a boy’s sports. And, even though it’s male dominated, doesn’t mean that their isn’t a lane for females to step into. This is what Karen Civil does for that particular demographic, feeds them hope. You can work in Hip Hop, you can create your own job, you can write books, and land deals for the industry’s biggest artists with the biggest brands. It’s all possible. And now, she’s telling them, you can co produce a song with two of the heaviest hitters in rap. It’s possible. Here’s a list of things we predict from a Karen Civil production…

3 Ways To Live Civil On The Beat

1. A NASTY producer tag using another female power house’s voice. “Hahah, live civil ladies…”

2. A gritty sound, hard hitting, derived from her MMG connections.

3. Both rappers, Wale and Wayne make some kind of Karen Civil reference on the song.

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