Michael Jordan has been opening up more than ever recently. The basketball star turned franchise owner recently opened up about his feelings on police brutality, shocking just about everyone earlier this month. Yesterday [Tuesday, August 2] he voiced another unsuspected opinion on the highly anticipated remake of Space Jam, and possibly shaded LeBron James at the same time.

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It was announced that the on-again- off-again Cleveland representer would fill Jordan’s shoes in the classic 90’s remake of the film earlier this year. However, in an auditorium filled with fans who were probably born after the movie’s release, Jordan revealed he would have preferred Griffin to play the lead.


LeBron is already locked into the role, but the news certainly comes as a surprise.

While fans anticipate the arrival of Space Jam 2, we can only imagine the type of pressure LeBron is under to deliver on-screen. His previous on-film gigs include a slew of commercials and his debut role in Jude Apatow’s Trainwreck.

Space Jam 2 does not have a confirmed release date but LeBron and his company SpringHill Entertainment are making sure the film is a go after signing a contract with Warner Bros this year.

So whether Jordan likes it or not, LeBron will star in Space Jam 2 (inserts crying Jordan face meme). However, we can’t help but wonder how Griffin would have fared in the role.