Kate Del Castillo refuses to give up on the El Chapo biopic, despite government officials taking action, reports Fox News Latino.

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The actress claims that the Mexican Attorney General’s office unjustly pursued an investigation surrounding her meeting with the Joaquin Guzman, or “El Chapo.” Officials question Del Castillo’s tequila business, citing a potential money-laundering scheme with the drug lord. They summoned the actress, considering her a possible witness. But when media got ahold of materials in the investigation, Del Castillo fired back, saying Mexican officials leaked the information. She filed for a court injunction. “..Either charge her with a crime or close the criminal investigation,” said her claim said.


Del Castillo’s camp has made it clear to Fox that the movie will go on as planned. The film will document El Chapo’s life, arrests, and prison escapes. Del Castillo has established access to his story from the drug lord himself, and even brought together him and Sean Penn for the infamous Rolling Stone interview.

Representatives of the actress released in a statement: “Kate has consistently made clear that her only goal was to produce an artistic and journalistic project of Guzman’s life story and turn it into a compelling and informative film project that would help Mexicans and Americans understand the deadly business of the drug cartels.”