Earlier this week on Snapchat, DJ Khaled donned a “Free Kodak Black” shirt, and we have the plug on where you can get one. The shirts are for sale right now at flysupplykodak.com for only $25. After Friday, August 5 the shirts go up to $35 so place your orders now.

Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information

Why should we support this? 

Like a statement on the site says,


“This movement is bigger than rap. This movement is bigger than t-shirts. This movement is to demonstrate the power of music, people and independent entrepreneurialism coming together to do something positive in an attempt of making an impact on a failed system. With this collaboration, we’d hope to spark the next mind to see the positive and do something in their means to stand against a carefully designed system of mass incarceration and institutionalization. We also hope that this would spark Kodak Black to use his talent, platform, and influence to advance his generation in his own way. Far too often, we’re quick to berate those that make mistakes, kicking them down instead of actually trying to help them up. Sadly, this is the society we live in today. Will it change? Probably not for a long time. But by supporting this movement, you’re helping to spark some much needed change, and provide some support for a young black man caught in the grips of the institution who can maybe help bring on that change, once his potential is fully realized. He’s a product of his environment, one in which the chance of escape is slim-to-none; and he’s also the voice of a people who share similar circumstances. Let’s make sure this voice is heard.”

Kodak is only 19 years old, and although that’s old enough to know right from wrong, that’s also young enough to still make mistakes that you should be forgiven for. But, the system gets young men (young Black men) caught up in this cycle and it becomes hard for them to finesse their way out. The prison system is designed to have bodies in the beds, or else a lot of jobs would get cut. Who better to make an example out of than a booming new rap artist, with a mouth full of gold teeth, and no shirt on. A publicized description fitter. Lil Kodak, the finesse kid. False imprisonment, marijuana possession and driving without a license, and now he’s potentially going away for years? Seems like Kodak is the one getting finessed. Just a way to fill a bed for a couple years. But, we can help him fight it.

The website says that a portion of the proceeds from t-shirt sales will go to Kodak Black’s family for his legal fees. This is important. Unfortunately, in the society we live in, sometimes your freedom lies on the back of how much your lawyers costs. The more money you funnel into the “justice” system, the higher your chances of being freed to the streets. So, let’s get these t-shirts on our backs, Hip Hop. Let’s bring Lil Kodak home, so that he can continue to prosper as an artist, and grow as a man, and a civilized citizen. We’ve seen Gucci come home and completely hit the ground running, and Kodak will most certainly take that same route.