Watch Dreezy’s New Video, “We Gon’ Ride” Featuring Gucci Mane

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When Gucci Mane was released from prison, there were a handful of established stars that he immediately got to working with, namely Kanye West, Young Thug and Drake. But, there were also a small crop of younger up-and-comers, who were relative nobodies when Gucci was sent to prison, that Gucci also prioritized. Cutthroat Chicago emcee, Dreezy, was one of them, as she and Gucci quickly got together for “We Gon’ Ride,” one of the early bangers on Dreezy’s seamless debut album, No Hard Feelings.

Today, Dreezy and Gucci, the pairing you didn’t know you needed, unleash the music video for the loyalty cut, as they “ride ’til the wheels fall off.” Check it out above.