With the highly anticipated movie Suicide Squad premiering today [Friday, August 5], there is a lot of excitement around Jared Leto’s performance in the film as The Joker. Capitalizing on his performance, The Joker appears in the new music video for one of the original songs from the movie’s soundtrack, “Purple Lamborghini,” which is by Rick Ross and produced by Skrillex.

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This group, The Joker, Ross and Skrillex, may seem like an odd trio, but they come together for a pretty good video. Skrillex kind of sticks out, but Ross (the new slimmer version) and The Joker both stand out in the video.


Who thought they would ever see Rick Ross and The Joker staring each other down? While there is no skit in the music video, Leto’s presence as The Joker is enough to show you how seriously he took this role. Ross also goes in on this track, which is surprising because on a sponsored track such as this one it usually just needs a catchy hook so that it can be played during the trailer.

So while this music video does have a club scene with The Joker, and a magnificent scene of the trio standing on a yacht, the only thing missing from this music video is Ross, Skrillex and The Joker riding in the actual purple Lamborghini that The Joker drives in Suicide Squad, which you can see in the trailer below.

Suicide Squad is in theaters today, and we recommend you go see it!