Two-thousand sixteen has seen a bit of a resurgence from Atlanta heavyweight 2 Chainz, at least as far as getting in his own studio time goes.

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To kick off this weekend, the rapper released his third project of the year, Daniel Son; Necklace Don, showcasing his ability to balance his talents in the booth with his burgeoning entrepreneurial enterprises.

The 10-track mixtape, generously available for free, features production from TM88, DJ Spinz and more, with guest features from the likes of Drake and YFN Lucci. The project is a strong offering from the reputed rapper, reflecting the balance of the hustle hard, play hard vibe that 2 Chainz consistently exudes. The project proves that while he has several new business endeavors in the works, music remains a permanent fixture in his day-to-day.


“Music will never be on the backburner with me,” the rapper shares during a quick conversation with The Source. “All my other ventures are just me tapping into my hustling background and creating different revenue streams. Music is my first love [and you can] expect more music from me in 2016.”

On top of his new project which is already being met with positive reviews, 2 Chainz also has a bunch of other things in the works. To say the least, the man is busy, but he’s enjoying living life to the fullest each day. Whether it’s gearing up for the opening of his new restaurant/lounge, Escobar Restaurant & Tapas, taking over the Hpnotiq Instagram with his infamously adorable sidekick, Trappy, trying on really expensive sunglasses for fun, donating to those in need, or being a doting family man, 2 Chainz really is someone everyone can learn from.

In addition to churning out new projects, the rapper also has been placing a new focus on his music videos this year, enlisting the help of his dog on “Not Invited,” as well as garnering a nomination for the upcoming 2016 VMA’s for the visuals for his track “Watch Out.”

Trappy has been rising to fame through his appearances on the rapper’s Instagram, and frankly, together they are are redefining #FriendshipGoals with each adorable flick.

“Trappy is my road dog,” 2 Chainz says. “He is with me everywhere I go for the most part, so working with him is just like kickin’ it. My dog’s a star and like they say, he is truly man’s best friend.”

When reflecting on featuring his beloved pup on “Not Invited,” he shares, “The video worked so well because it’s natural for me and him to be together, so bringing it to life on camera was authentic.”

In addition to Trappy getting his music video debut, 2 Chainz’s four-legged best friend also has been seen taking over @Hpnotiq’s Instagram in a new, light-hearted promotional campaign taking place throughout this summer.

“I linked with Hpnotiq to produce a music video designed/cut specifically for Instagram,” the rapper shares. “This is where fans are discovering what’s next and listening day in and day out. Everyone’s got access to platforms like Instagram (as well as Snapchat and Facebook) – and this is where news is being made. Hpnotiq has always known what’s up and our working together just works.”

When asked what he has planned for the ongoing Instagram takeover, the rapper laughs, “I can’t speak for Trappy—he’s clearly got a mind of his own. He’s going places.”

While 2 Chainz balances the seriousness of being in full control of his music at this stage in his career and the challenges that come with being a business owner, he clearly still stresses the importance of weaving fun into the mix, whether it’s relaxing with his dog or spending time courtside despite Kobe Bryant’s retirement.

Everyone knows Kobe was my favorite player, but I’m a huge basketball junkie so I’m still tuned in,” he adds. “There’s still a lot of great talent out there, as we saw with last year’s finals. It was very exciting to watch and I had the pleasure of attending.”