It’s the off-season for most NBA players, but the best of the best are down in Rio, Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics. So, it’s not quite the full swing of a regular season, but these guys still have to go to practice, play full-length games, and compete for something much bigger than the Larry O’Brien trophy. But, it’s still summer, so they need to kick back and relax once in a while, right?

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Right. So, to do just that, some Team USA players, namely DeMar Derozan, DeMarcus Cousins and DeAndre Jordan–was there some sort of first name requirement to hang out that night?–decided to go to a well-know area spa, Termas Monte Carlo, for some professional massages and to get their minds right before this summer’s international regiment. Unfortunately, that well-known spa is well-known for things other than their back rubs. The Termas Monte Carlo doubles as one of the highest-end brothels in the region.

It’s made to look like a spa, but in the upstairs area, the girls are waiting to do a lot more than get that crook out of your neck. Luckily, the USA’s three level-headed DeAthletes decided to head to the bar, knock back a couple, and return to their quarters, per TMZ of course.