The Olympics are the most rewarding and most watched sporting event in the entire universe, so every component deserves some shine. After all, each athlete has sacrificed so much and worked day and night to make it. While everyone’s eyeballs are on the well-known sports such as Track and Field and Soccer, here are some of the lesser-known sports that you can sit back and watch. Maybe some will even be your new favorite.

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Trampoline – Do you remember that one childhood neighbor of yours that always landed those crazy quadruple back flips effortlessly? You should have told him or her that a shot at being in the Summer Olympics could have been a reality, if trampoline sessions were taken seriously enough back at that age. This sport made its Olympic debut in 2000. It takes some serious skills though. Athletes that participate in this event are disciplined gymnasts that must have the grace and balance to do almost every flip imaginable, and they just so happen to bounce on a really fun contraption while doing so.



Race-Walking – No, this is not just a walk you do when you are out in public and you have to find the nearest bathroom. It requires much more determination and self-control. This is a sport I would love to try. I would want the satisfaction of competing in a race without actually having to sprint. Race-walking has actually been an event in the Olympics for more than 100 years as a track and field event. We’re not exactly sure of what specifically constitutes what is considered a “speed-walk” versus what is considered “running”, but this event is said to be entertaining to watch nonetheless.


Synchronized Swimming – The sport where imitating someone’s exact moves is the only way you will win. This sport takes endless hours of rehearsal and definitely some magical telepathy between all members to successfully pull off. To the general public this sport may not be as well-known or appreciated, but to those that are aware of this beautiful sport of calculated choreography, the support is immense. Fun fact: a solo version of synchronized swimming was once an official event in the Olympics in the past. What’s the point of a one-person synchronized swimming performance? Well, apparently the swimmer is in-sync with the music. Regardless, this year’s synchronized swimming event should be refreshing!