Rent was apparently due yesterday [Friday, August 5] because Landlord finally arrived. Treasured South London rapper Giggs released his fourth studio album without a label (not that he needs one). Giggs’ new body of work is an independent, raw and very necessary project for U.K rap.

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His first album since 2013, Landlord features Stormzy, Youngs Teflon, Rico Love and many more. For 33 year old Giggs, this album symbolizes his love for music, how it has helped him personally and aided a new era in music, where labels are not necessarily needed to put out an album.

In a recent interview with RWD Mag, Giggs shed light on guest features, making the album in two weeks and his first single off the album, “Whippin Excursion.”


He explained, “Do you know what, I wasn’t even doing an album bruv, I wasn’t even doing one. Even the day before, one of my bredrens rang me and said, “We need an album.” I said “Nah, maybe next year.”

The ‘Talking the Hardest” artist confessed, “I went to the studio and did three songs at the same time, starting one, stopping and going to another, doing all three of them at once. Then when they was finished I was like “Rah, this is sounding like some album s**t.” And then I went to studio the next day and made ‘Whippin Excursion.’ That week I made like six bangers.”

Landlord is available now.

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