He’s been” looking for revenge,” for quite some time now, so when Drake took to the stage at Madison Square Garden he had a thing or two to say about Hot 97. It was originally reported by many outlets that the Hotline Bling singer said “f*ck Hot 97” but when video and audio footage appeared, Drizzy actually said, “they telling lies on Hot 97, that’s how it goes / I told ‘em fire Funk Flex and then I’ll do your show / Plus, me and Kanye just got out the studio / My first night in the Garden, feeling like D Rose.”

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Of course some of the Hot 97 team took to Twitter straight away to have their say on the matter, but one person who left it to brew until his show was Funkmaster Flex. His issues with the Canadian rapper have played out all over social media in the past with Flex openly trying to expose him as being a rapper who uses ghostwriters to write some of his most known track.  The radio personally publicly made reference to tracks from Quentin Miller, who Drake allegedly used to write  ‘Used To,’ ’10 Bands,’ ‘Know Yourself’ and ‘R.I.C.O.’ This led to Drake throwing subliminals on ‘Charged Up’ and Flex showing his public alliance with Meek Mill who ended up premiering his Drake diss on Flex’s show.

Now fast forward to last night [Saturday, August 6] Flex was ready to dish some more information about Drake and ensure his fans he would not be losing his job or going anywhere because “70 percent of your fans (Drake fans) wear high-heels, the other 30 percent are guys who wear sandals.”


He went on to tell a story about a freestyle Drake did at the station in 2009, where he claims Drake leaked the video footage of himself reading his bars off his phone as a way to prove he wrote his own stuff. With so much he said she said, it will be interesting to see how long this plays out for and if Drake really won’t do any interviews on Hot 97 until Flex is fired.

Listen to the full audio from the show below:



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