Troy Ave is currently awaiting trial for attempted murder and weapons charges after he was involved in a shooting at Irving Plaza on May 26 that claimed the life of his bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter. Ave, who was injured in the shooting, has seldom been heard from since the incident, but he’s announced his plans to file a lawsuit against Irving Plaza today.

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According to Troy Ave and his legal team, it was the lax security measures at the New York City concert venue that contributed to the violent nature of the incident. According to PIX 11, Ave believes that Irving Plaza is at fault for allowing firearms to enter the building, and that the subsequent circumstances led to the shooting.

In the wake of the shooting, several accounts of what happened and who instigated the violence were reported, and there will be more to come once the trial begins. Troy Ave’s lawyer has maintained that his client is the real victim of the incident, citing the fact that Ave didn’t shoot himself, and his friend and bodyguard lost his life. Troy Ave was remanded to custody until the beginning of his trial, which does not have a definitive start date yet.


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