Australian Hip Hop producer Discourse has recently released his highly anticipated debut album Megalomaniac featuring a mixture of American emcees (A.G. of D.I.T.C., Tragedy Khadafi, Starvin B, Agallah), UK emcees (Cappo, Ramson Badbonez) and Australians (Geko, Maundz, Raven, Tornts, Lazy Grey, Flu).

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The production album follows in a similar vein from previous Australian Hip Hop production albums from M-Phazes, Plutonic Lab, Must Volkoff and Chasm. Megalomaniac has a much more obvious international focus than most of the aforementioned albums, along with numerous talents centered mainly around Discourse’s label mates at Crate Cartel, which he currently runs.

The album itself is obviously strongly influenced by a traditional New York sound from the 1990s and earlier 2000s, which naturally lends itself perfectly to the artists who appear on the album whether they be American, Australian or from the UK. Combined with the musical talents of his brother George who laid down much of the instrumentation for the album, Megalomaniac is exceptional from start to finish with no filler.


Discourse has been producing quality music throughout Australia since 2005 and has worked with nationally prominent artists in Australia including Raven, Fluent Form, Bias B, Maundz and Rates, along with additional DJ duties on releases from Bigfoot and Mata. Apart from being a revered producer, the multi-talented Discourse is also a filmographer / director / photographer / designer / DJ (the film clips below were produced, arranged, filmed and edited by Discourse himself too) and he has been immersed in Hip Hop throughout Australia in a variety of roles for over a decade.

Discourse has had a hand in producing some of the most notable Hip Hop film clips released from Australia, including the awarding winning clip to Trem ft. Dontez & Beat Butcha’s “Animal Kingdom” as well as the excellent Trem prod. Prowla “Omega Man” with Heata and Josh Davis.

Megalomaniac by Discourse is dedicated to the memory of the late Shane “Methodz” Phillips (RIP) and is available now.