B.O.B. wasted no time after coming off the highly successful, 44 city STFU Tour with Scotty ATL and London Jae. Despite his busy tour schedule, B.O.B. was able to drop off two videos this summer for his songs “Summer’s Day” and “Roll Up.”

Yesterday [August 8], B.O.B. was able to add to the summer visual collection with his new visual for a song titled “$tack of Dreams” from the Earth mixtape. The video, much like the song, displays some very mesmerizing aesthetics similar to the melody itself.

Much like a dream, the video shows reappearing pyramids, airplanes, third eye images, and moving people as a background for B.O.B. who is having an outer body experience. B.O.B. spits lyrics like:

“I aim to provoke. I don’t mean financial when I say that you broke. You broke in your heart. You lost in your thoughts and you broke in your soul.”