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Warriors Power Forward Draymond Green, 4x NBA Champ Horace Grant and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child star in the latest Footlocker Commercial.

The commercial is hilarious and encouraging kics to stand out in the crowd as Horace compliments Green for standing out on a stacked warriors roster. Green is then dismantled at the fact he has no clue who the 4x NBA champion is or what team he was once apart of. He then realizes as he puts on his signature rec specs that it’s Horace Grant and he then starts taking advice from the 4x nba champ.

As the two discuss Green standing out, Michelle Williams of Destiny Child chimes in and speaks on obstacles of being apart of a well-known group and standing out. The two men don’t recognize her and she is forced to explain what group she is apart of while also shooting down Green’s request to meet the lead singer of Destiny’s Child (Beyonce). Check out the commercial below.