Donald Trump has continued his string of verbal attacks against opponent Hillary Clinton and other supporting members of the Democratic Party.

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Not one to shy away from outrageous comments and inflammatory assumptions, the GOP nominee has recently shifted a laser focus on President Barack Obama.

It comes as no surprise the real estate magnate’s most recent mix of eyebrow-raising words found themselves marking President Obama as the “founder” of the Islamic State terrorist organization, ISIS.


“In many respects, you know, they honor President Obama,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “He is the founder of ISIS.”

He didn’t fail to bring the accusation around full circle as he implicated Democratic nominee Clinton, dubbing her the “co-founder”—a view he’s long held, repeatedly voicing his frustrations about Clinton not using the words “radical Islam.”

“Hillary’s refusal to mention radical Islam, as she pushes a 550 percent increase in refugees, is more proof that she is unfit to lead the country,” he wrote just last month in a series of tweets against the former Secretary of State. “Our way of life is under threat by radical Islam and Hillary Clinton cannot even bring herself to say the words.”

ISIS is a group that formed following the United States’ 2003 invasion of Iraq. It was in 2011 that the group began to gain traction as a result of the Syrian civil war.

In the summer of 2014, they gained a great amount of international attention, after aligning its Iraqi and Syrian forces and seizing more land.

Following the Islamic State’s beheading of American journalist James Foley, President Obama created a coalition of nations to take on the dearly faction in September of 2014.

Since then, two years worth of air strikes has seen the regaining of land once lost to ISIS, however, the Crown Jewels, Iraq’s Mosul and Syria’s Raqqa, remain under the control of the militant group.