The US Women’s soccer team lost in a shocking upset to Sweden today [Friday, August 12]. The US women were heavy favorites for the gold, after dominating the women’s game for the past few years, and that all came to an end when they lost in overtime on penalty kicks.

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After 90 minutes the two sides were level at 1-1, thanks to an Alex Morgan equalizer in the 77th minute. And after 30 minute of extra time, the two teams were still tied, which meant they were headed for a penalty shootout. Unfortunately, for the US team, they found out why penalty shootouts are so devastating.

Both Alex Morgan and Christen Press missed penalties, which meant Sweden won 4-3 on penalties. This was a game of missed opportunities for the US Women, missing several attempts throughout the game. And while this team is certainly still the best in the world, their illustrious legacy has taken a slight chip. Sweden now advances to the semi-final round of the competition.