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If there were an award for Rappers That Clutch Tightly to Grudges, Game would be its perennial recipient. From rappers to publications to radio personalities, Game has had his riffs with a wide variety of industry folk, which probably makes this type of song pretty easy to write.

“Sance” is Game’s latest, and it features the red-hot DJ Khaled (Khaled recently scored the 1st #1 album of his decade-long career) and Mr. Taylor’s signature trash talk. He even takes a swipe at us for never giving him the 5-mic rating he says he deserves.

Max B is the wave god, I’m with the sauce though / Never had five mics in my life, so f–k The Source

Well damn.


Anyway, Game’s been killing it himself lately. He dropped The Documentary 2 and 2.5 last fall, and has kept the streets fed this year with his trademark mixtape work. Tune in below folks.