If you haven’t heard a K Camp song by now, you might be living under a rock. The ATL rapper who emerged back in 2008 has had hit after hit ranging from rump-shaking tunes to trap r&b, that do what only a few in the rap game can, make bangers for the club and radio.

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K Camp set the tone for his music and brand early on with his feel-good melodies that the ladies love and lyrics that the fellas can relate to. The self-proclaimed Slum King is taking ATL rap to new levels hitting the top spots on numerous Billboard charts and remaining level-headed in the process.

However, don’t be fooled by his chill demeanor, K Camp feels he still has a lot to do in music and isn’t letting up anytime soon.


Lyric Ave is set to be released September 2nd and the world is in for a treat. We caught up with K Camp to get the scoop on who the man is behind the music and what we can expect next.

How did you emerge onto the music scene in Atlanta?

Hard work. I was going to clubs every night with my old clique. We put a lot of ground work in. It took about 5 years to really get poppin. It didn’t come easy. Everyone in Atlanta knows about me, my face card is good, I’ve really been out here.

When did you realize it was more than just a hobby?

The first time I heard myself on the radio. I really thought I made it. That’s when I figured out that rapping might be the thing for me. All I did all of my life was play ball, and then I started rapping and ran with it.

What was the first song of yours that you heard on the radio?

“All Night.” It was a record I released in 08. It was a big college record. That was the first single that got me going.

What was it like peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for Only Way Is Up?

It was a stepping stone in my career, but it isn’t good enough. I think I have more to prove.

What was the inspiration behind the title?

Ive been running with that title since 2012. I was going to name a mixtape that long time ago but I never got a chance to use it. When it was time for my debut album to release, it went with the theme of my campaign so it was the perfect time to use it. It worked out for the best. The only way is up.

Who are your influences?

A couple OG’s in the game like Snoop. I look up to his consistency over the years in his career.

What is some advice that has stuck with you?

I’ve gotten some good gems from rappers like Yo Gotti and Big Sean. They really just told me to keep grinding and stay consistent. What has stuck with me over the years is knowing that the rap game can get real sticky and real shady if you don’t know what you’re doing. I have to keep going and keep staying consistent if I want to keep growing. Also, if you have a passion for it, don’t let anybody tell you no.

Let’s talk about Lyric Ave. What’s the story behind the title?

It’s where I’m at right now as an artist. My team moved to California and I brought my whole squad with me. I wanted to record a project about what’s going on in my life and that’s what Lyric Ave is. My other projects killed em, so now it’s time to apply some more pressure, with Lyric Ave because the only way is up.

What can people expect from the project?

The last project I was working with Big Fruit with “Comfortable” and “Money Baby.” I did a whole new project with my new producer Bobby Critical. He made the new single “5 Minutes” single I have out right now. It’s still K Camp and it’s still the music everyone loves it just has a different touch to it. I’m excited to drop new music, I’ve been itching to get new music out, and it time for that, time to take the scene over again.

What is it like having hit after hit resonate with your audience?

It’s a good feeling. It’s telling me I’m here for a reason and I know what I’m doing. I really have this music sh*t in me. I have a whole playlist full of music that I can’t wait to release and I have to shoutout my whole team, my fans, my family, my PR, PBE, everybody that rocks with my campaign.

I see you call your fans “Slums” what’s the meaning behind that phrase?

It’s deeper than rap. I can’t get into it too deep but it’s something me and my patna’s made up. We came up with it when I dropped “Money Baby” while we were on the road. I’m King Slum, my DJ is Prince Slum and we ran with it. I started putting it on Instagram and my fans caught onto it and started calling themselves Slums so we ran with it. My fan base and my squad are my “Slums” and we been running with it ever since.

Now that you have reached milestones as an artist what can we expect next?

I want a #1 album, an international tour, keep dropping hits, keep expanding my brand, a couple Grammy’s and just keep the K Camp campaign going. I’m going on my first headlining tour so I want to keep the momentum going for the next 10, 15, 20 years.

Lyrics Ave will drop September 2nd and it’s clear that ever season is K Camp season. For more you can follow ATL’s own here to stay updated with his upcoming releases and show dates.