Ever wanted to FaceTime someone only to remember that they own an Android? Well, Google has solved that dilemma…finally.

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Google Duo is a free new video calling service that Google launched yesterday [August 16] according to money.cnn.com. Duo is the mega company’s response to Apple’s FaceTime and is laced with some features that may tempt certain iPhone users.

For starters, connecting Android users and iPhone users, which some feel FaceTime should have been able to do already. Next, fixing the old age issue many FaceTime users disliked, which was having no way to tell who a call is from if their number isn’t saved. Duo allows people to see who is calling before the receiver chooses to answer through a feature they call “Knock Knock”.


As soon as you dial the number, “Knock Knock” begins a video preview to send to the receiver. Android users will be able to see this on their lock screen, while iPhone users must tap “preview” or already be in the app.

Another key feature that may make or break Google Duo, is the fact that if you receive one call while during another, Google sends a message saying you’re unavailable and you’ll get the missed notification once you’ve hung up. Obviously not the best feature if you’re expecting an important call but some may prefer it, if they dislike being interuppted.

Docking the selfie view on the bottom left hand corner instead of the top right is another minor difference between the two video calling apps. Besides the fact that Duo rings for a minute before hanging up, these apps are pretty much similar.

It will be interesting to see just how many Android and iPhone users make this their default video app.