Baby Stops Crying Only When He Hears Chief Keef’s Music

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In 2012, when Chief Keef, his GBE squad and the drill music subgenre exploded into the mainstream, the landscape instantly changed. They helped to shine a light on the dire violence climate in Chicago. They single-handedly changed the sonic palette of commercial rap music. And they changed the methods record executives used to deem an artist deal-worthy.

They also apparently implemented new ways to silence crying babies.


A Reddit user doing the lord’s work today uncovered and socialized a hilarious YouTube video that depicts a baby, sitting in a high chair, visibly perturbed. How perturbed? He’s crying his eyes out, and the little yellow toy that’s been placed in front of him isn’t doing anyone any good.

So, whoever was tending to little Campbell did the only thing that made sense. They began blasting Chief Keef’s classic “3Hunna” from a speaker. Upon hearing the hauntingly enjoyable sounds of Kef and Young Chop‘s game-changing brilliance, Campbell is silent, instantly captivated by the drill maestros.

Chief Keef 323323, Everyone Else 0.