The Source Magazine would like to send a Supreme salute to Jamel Irief aka Masta Killa of the legendary Wu Tang Clan who turned 46 today!

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Born Elgin Turner on this date in 1969 in Brooklyn, New York,  Masta Killa was the only member of the Clan whose goal was to be an emcee before the Wu Tang saga began.

I never performed until we launched Wu-Tang. That was my first time as an MC. I have history since elementary school doing talent shows. Breaking and shit like that. I was that kind of dude. I loved to pop. That was me. Always doing shit around music. As far as with a mic in my hand, Wu-Tang was the first time. There never was next level for me. It was Wu-Tang and that was it. I never tried to get on. Never looked for any of this, because it was never my vision. I’m kinda like hanging out with GZA, and just stumbled across some shit. “Oh word?” And I was like, “Maybe I can do this.” When I was young going to clubs, I was just hanging out. I never went in there like I was trying to be an MC. I never tried to get a record deal, or pass out tapes. It’s just been Wu-Tang and I’m here.”

Dropping three solo albums over the course of his illustrious two decade long career, including Nature Sounds’ top selling LP of all time, No Said Date , which was Noodles’ debut solo project.


Happy degree day to the God Jamel Irief! Peace!