It’s official: we have new music from Frank Ocean. However, it is not the project we were expecting. A few weeks ago, everyone thought Frank Ocean would be releasing his sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry, and as we all know, nothing ever came.

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But late last night [Thursday, August 18], Ocean released his latest album, Endless, which takes the place of Boys Don’t Cry, exclusively through Apple Music. Endless is a 45-minute long visual album, and for now you can only access it through Apple Music, although hopefully that will change.


His website had been playing a strange video of a warehouse, in which Ocean would appear every once in a while, where he was building something that resembled a staircase. This caused the rumors and the anticipation to start up again, and now we have finally gotten his new music.

This release has been a demonstration of the war between streaming services in today’s music world. According to the original New York Times article announcing the album, Apple will also be distributing a printed publication that accompanies the album in its stores. Visual albums are becoming more common now, and these exclusive releases are also becoming the new normal in the music industry because of the huge competition between Apple, Spotify and Tidal.

You can cop Endless on Apple Music here.

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