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Gucci Mane is just the newest rapper to join in on making profit off his own merchandise.

Almost every artist has their own merchandise and most have succeeded in the sales area so of course Gucci was going to join in on the fun. Not to mention, there are a million graphic tees with Gucci’s face on them or hats that feature a phrase from Gucci, so why not?

Gucci and his team will be releasing two sets of Dad hats in black and white while both will feature the legendary Ice Cream cone on the front which was once on Gucci’s face as a tat, but is no longer after his release from prison. On the back of each hat it will read “LA FLARE” which is one of the many nicknames for Gucci Mane.


The Gucci Ice Cream Dad Hats will release on September 23rd at a set price of $25, you can pre-order a hat now.