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JoJo is back with new music and a clear sound. As someone who’s dominated the charts since she was a teenager, the now 25-year-old songstress has been taking control of her life and career, and unapologetically so. After a nasty battle with her former record label, JoJo finds herself at Atlantic Records. After releasing “Triangle,” during which three singles dropped simultaneously, this year she’s set to drop her full length album, Mad Love.

The first single from the album, titled “F*ck Apologies” is an empowering anthem for both women and men about living life on your own terms and not living by their rules. As someone who’s been reading The Source since she was 13, JoJo was eager to open with us and share what went into the single, her dream collaborations,  and what shapes her current outlook on life.

The Source: Your first single off of your upcoming album is called “F*ck Apologies” and is all about only saying sorry when you truly mean it. What are some things you’re unapologetic about?


JoJo: Lately it’s been a lot of things—from the way I feel to who I love. [I’m] unapologetic about the moves I make and whether people understand them or not. I think as we transition from being children to adults, or just different stages in our lives, we grow and aren’t the same people we used to be. We don’t have the same beliefs as those close to us, and we have to be okay with that. I believe in not apologizing for your truth. Being in this industry for a long time, you have a lot of opinions and others weighing in on what they think you should be doing and I had to stand up and be true to myself when it comes to my career and my life. The song is very simple and direct. It’s a reflection of the way I talk. I think saying “fuck apologies” jolts you into realizing I mean business.

How did the collaboration with Wiz Khalifa come about?

Well, he and I are label mates. When I decided that record would be the first single, I thought he would be a great fit for it. I’ve always been a fan of his. He was on tour when we sent him the record to listen to and he loved it, and jumped right on it. I love him. He’s such an individual. I love his tattoos and his lifestyle, and just everything he represents. I was glad we got to collab on the record.

What are some other collaborations you’ve done for the album or ones you’d like to do in the future?

Alessia Cara is my favorite young new artist who came out recently that I worked with. I got a chance to play her the whole album and we ended up hopping on a song together, with her doing a spin on one of the verses. I love what she’s doing so I was glad we got to work together. I’d love to collaborate with Anderson.Paak one day.  He’s an electrifying live performer and I love his writing and rapping. He’s so well versed and an all around musician, I would love to vibe with him.

You’re hitting the road again after just wrapping up your tour for ‘Tringle’. Why is touring so important to you?

It’s all about the people. I go where I can interact with the fans. It’s amazing to be able to have that instant interaction with the fans and have them sing along with you. It energizes me. I think that’s what it’s all about. I love the travel. I feel like if you’re lucky enough to do what you love don’t complain about it-don’t be an asshole. It can be a lot and demanding but that’s what it’s all about. The reward outweighs all of the other stuff.

Lately we’ve seen you kick up your health focus on on social media. Was that an overall lifestyle change for you?

While I’m young I want to get in good habits and good practices so when I’m older I’m not trying to make up for lost time. I want to take care of my health now while it’s easy. I feel better when I’m in shape. I love feeling like strong, like I can kick somebody’s ass. It also helps when I’m on stage- it gives me stamina to be energized and engaged and give my all the whole way through a show. I just think it’s important to take control of your health to avoid issues in the future.

Describe your life right now in three words.

Busy. Humbling. Gratifying

Those there seem to go hand in hand with each other.

Yeah. There’s so many others I could use but I try and stay in the spirit of gratitude and humility. My life is exciting and colorful and everyday is something different. I’m living an amazing life that allows me to live my dreams and inspire others, and I don’t take a day for granted.