Frank Ocean wasn’t the only R&B singer who’d gone on a significant hiatus in recent years. Multi-talented Chicago singer Jeremih‘s Late Nights album was one of the most hotly-coveted albums out there before its December 2015 release, partly due to the fact that the “Oui” singer had been teasing the LP and its title since the release of its teaser mixtape in 2012. However, this winter, Jeremih dropped the stellar studio album, and it’s still making waves 8 months later.

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After joining forces with The Weeknd for a remix of “Pass Dat” during the New Year’s holiday, Jeremih has boosted the record once more, this time adding the potent tandem of Chance The Rapper and Young Thug to the mix. If it sounds like the perfect foursome, it is. We know Chance and Thug’s chemistry from Coloring Book‘s “Mixtape,” and Chance and Jeremih have collaborated more times than we can count. Not to mention the fact that everyone on this song has killed it both singing and rapping on their own records before, so you’re in for quite a doozy below.