By now, if you live in, or have been to New Orleans, and haven’t attended a Larry Morrow event, you’re slacking. Ask DJ Envy and Angela Ye, or Fabolous, maybe Drake or Diddy, all people who have gotten the Larry Morrow nightlife experience. This latest event was something a little different. It was one of those, “It really feels good to be here” events. Flood The Love, a benefit concert for Louisiana’s flood victims had a big turnout. Cool kids, hipsters, creatives, other musicians, even a few local politicians, plus so many more made it feel like we were in a who’s who of New Orleans family reunion.

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Who is Larry Morrow?

After interviewing him backstage at Flood the Love, aggressive, business minded, focused, relevant are just a few words used to describe Morrow. From growing up, looking up to Diddy, to throwing a party with him during Essence Festival weekend, this describes how Morrow most accurately views his career.


“An eye opening experience for me was when I was 20 years old, and King Los had just signed to Bad Boy, and he asked me to fly out to LA for a private party at Diddy’s house,” Morrow said. “I was having dinner with my sister and mom at the time, but I quickly picked up and hopped on a flight. Growing up I always looked at Diddy’s moves, and to be at his crib, feeling like I was overlooking the entire world, was truly eye opening.”

That wasn’t the only gem Morrow dropped during our conversation.

Who is Larry as a business man?

“I went from gambling my money at the casino, to working with the casino to make money,” he said.

From talking to him, it’s clear to see that he’s gotten everything out of the mud.

Morrow also hinted at a book he’s working on. He didn’t offer up a title, or too many details, but he say it was a self help book, and he gave us one major highlight from it.

“One of my biggest tips in business is to be a man of your word,” he explained. “It’s something I’ve always practiced, and it’s help me create, and sustain relationships with a lot of people in the industry.”

Flood The Love is a New Orleans family reunion

When Spitta headlines a show in New Orleans, expect any and everyone to pull up. Of course, the hipsters are going to be out in droves, but really expect to see everyone. Spitta ran thru a quick set so that he could swiftly transition over to Jet Lounge, an event that he hosts every Wednesday night at the House of Blues. Everyone was tuned in once Spitta hit the stage, whether white, black, politician, smoker, everyone wanted to hear what New Orleans’ most loyal mainstreamer had to say.

Curren$y opened the show by addressing a young man in the crowd who was yelling out song requests. He said, “You trying to request a song right now? This ain’t about us right now. This is about the 225 (Baton Rouge).” Spitta was joking, of course, but he did take every opportunity he could to remind everyone why we were there. Besides that, he put on an amazing show as usual. Hit after hit, the crowd knew every word, and I’m sure his energy attracted some new people to Jet Lounge. Morrow spoke with me about how he views Curren$y and talked about how he has the highest respect for him because of his solid connection to the city. Doing an event like Flood The Love on such short notice was really a blessing and the city surely appreciated it.

Opening up the show was Daniel Heartless, who has been like New Orleans’ golden child for a minute now. But now, with nods from K Camp, Keenan Lewis, and Juvenile, Heartless is taking everything to the next level. Rocking the show with Heartless Gang in the building, Heartless put on a show despite the fluctuating crowd during the time of his performance. This is an art within itself, and a challenge of staying focused on the task at hand. Mission accomplished.

Next up was Kourtney Heart. She dazzled, of course. She was able to bring the majority of the crowd’s attention directly to her, and once she had it, she blew the roof off of the place. With her combination of high energy dance records, and thought provoking love songs, Kourtney Heart captivated the audience, and left a lasting impression. She was perfect for a benefit concert, and 100 percent delivered.

Ambre’ Perkins is a superstar. Running with Kehlani, and Tsunami for sometime now, Perkins hasn’t allowed that to box her in. She’s carved a lane of her own, stuck to her guns with her own sound, and has put out two amazing projects, Wanderlust and 2090’s. Last night, she went completely Perkins up there. Finishing off the show with a beautifully painful song dedicated to the flood victims that left her with a rousing round of applause from the audience.

We were able to sit down with Perkins to talk about a few things, and she gave us the story on how she met Kehlani, saying, “That’s like big sis, I made a song about her once on SoundCloud and after putting it out, I was checking the SoundCloud and saw that she was the first person to listen to it. Not too long after, she hit me like I’m really feeling this. I later found out she was going on tour with G Eazy, and I told her I would come. From there, we built our relationship, which is now a sisterhood. She gives me advice, we look out for each other, you know, like real sisters”

Last but not least, PJ Morton brought the house down with his high energy. Performing his hit song, “New Orleans Girl,” Morton really had the crowd engaged and upbeat. The sound that he delivered on stage was a breath of fresh air and something the game desperately needs. It won’t be long before the entire world hears what he possesses, and he’s going to be on a level I don’t even know if he ever even imagined.

Let’s continue to help the victims of the flood in Louisiana. And if you’re from New Orleans, and you’re reading this, let’s remember we were here before, and our neighbors helped us. 


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