It is no mystery that movie production companies are paying a close attention to the movie soundtracks to compliment their films and shows. Suicide Squad is one example now UK steps up to the plate with their latest list of soundtracks for a new movie titled Brotherhood. The film is the final installment of a trilogy that started with Kidulthood (2008) and Adulthood (2008). It’s set in London and follows a group of teens as they grow together and learn life lessons as they’re thrown at them.

Julie Adenuga premiered three tracks from the soundtrack last night on her Beats 1 radio show and Stormzy‘s track was one of them. It is a serious heavy hitter in which Stormzy raises the bar yet again (Let’s not forget his ‘One Take‘ Freestyle). Stormzy not only contributes to the movie’s original soundtrack, he has a role in the film too.