Although Spotify says it isn’t true, multiple executives states otherwise. Various major label executives has accused Spotify of sabotaging artists that have inked Apple Music exclusives. The streaming giant has flatly denied such allegations including plans to downgrade Frank Ocean’s latest blockbuster release “Blonde.” A spokesperson for Spotify was on damage control duty Friday afternoon, calling the accusations ‘unequivocally false,’ despite accusations from Major label executives, the New York Times and Bloomberg.

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The New York Times sparked the conversation after looking into the Frank Ocean situation, one that has major labels questions their practices around exclusives. “Executives at two major record labels said that in recent weeks Spotify, which has resisted exclusives, had told them that it had instituted a policy that music that had benefited from such deals on other services would not receive the same level of promotion once it arrived on Spotify,” Sisario wrote. “Such music may not be as prominently featured or included in as many Playlists, said these executives…”

Bloomber chimed in, calling Spotify out on its retaliatory actions against artist inking Apple Music exclusive deals. Spotify has shunned exclusives, stating that the practice is bad for the industry at large. “Artist who have given Apple exclusive access to new music have been told they won’t be able to get their tracks on featured playlists once the songs become available on Spotify,” Bloomberg stated.


This goes way deeper than megastars such as Drake and Beyonce. According to Bloomberg, developing acts are also feeling the heat for simply premiering music on Beat One, Apple’s live on air radio component. “The company has threatened to use its retaliatory practices on lesser known artists who introduce music on Beats One show hosted by DJ Zane Lowe, an architect of Apple’s radio service,” the report continued.

The New York Times and Bloomberg are reporting that the chieftain of Universal Music Group Lucian Grainge has flatly ended streaming exclusives, an action that closely follows a disastrous Frank Ocean album roll out. Such a ban on exclusives would bar artist from striking independent deals with Apple Music, an act that Frank Ocean effortlessly shrewdly negotiated last week.