As a successful entertainer in pop music, there’s a high possibility for one’s name to get dragged through the mud over what could be seen as a minor issue. For Drake, who could be considered one of the more calculating musicians in the current musical landscape, he intentionally keeps his name in the news. He knows social media platforms are unforgiving the bigger you are (although he found ways to make it work to his benefit) and he knows his crafty songwriting always parlays over the senseless chatter the internet provides over his name in the headlines. It takes a smart man to capitalize on buzz going up or down, and an even smarter man to turn the negative to a positive.

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This past weekend, Drake presented Rihanna with the “Michael Jackson Vanguard Award” during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. While ending the speech dedicated to the singer, the rapper leaned in to kiss the singer on the lips, but it appeared Rihanna just wanted a hug instead.


To the common social media user, getting dodged on national television presumably takes a shot at someone’s ego, but Drake has shown to always keep the right hand guessing what the left is doing.  Using the negative news to his advantage, Drake and Rihanna performed last night for Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour and the two shared a kiss on stage, which keeps the are-they-dating-or-not games going. And just like that, Sunday never happened.

In essence, this speaks volumes to the power Drake holds over pop music. Ghostwriting allegations, authenticity questions and allegedly getting dodged on national television hasn’t stopped his momentum after he unofficially conquered pop music and culture that started early 2015 (earlier is debatable). Drake calculates every move and plays it to his advantage, which is why last night with Rihanna mattered. This is Drake’s world and we are just living in it.

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