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America’s most hated and favorite QB will have his own food truck for the panther home games.

All According to the Charlotte Observer, Cam Newton will have his own food truck for Panthers home games called “Smok’n Aces,” which is short for his nickname “Ace Boogie.”  The truck features a painted image created by renowned California artist Mark Paul Deren. Newton is seen posing with his “Superman” signature.

Newton got a chance to speak on what the food truck will offer with WCCB-TV’s Morgan Fogarty as he spilled the beans and mentioned that the truck will serve fish and chicken. The truck will be available beginning on September 18, which is the Panthers’ first home game of the season.


Newton told Fogarty that he does plan to eat with his customers. Why? “I wanted to be closer to the people,’’ he explained. The proceeds from the food truck will go towards a program for at-risk individuals in Charlotte.

[Source: Charlotte Observer]