Samsung is apparently recalling their brand new Galaxy Note 7 due an issue with the battery…exploding. According to Samsung, some of the batteries in the new phone have exploded or caught on fire, so the company is issuing a recall for the phone in 10 countries, including the United States.

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The Galaxy Note 7, which was released only 2 weeks ago, was Samsung’s product that was supposed to rival the upcoming iPhone 7, but now Samsung will have to deal with the great costs it takes to recall a product. According to a report on Billboard, Samsung had no way to determine what was causing the problem, so they had to recall all of the new phones sold to be safe.

According to a Samsung press conference, the company had confirmed 35 instances where the battery exploded or caught on fire, and they determined that 24 out of ever 1 million phones could be affected. They also said that customers would be able to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 in the upcoming weeks for another smart phone.


Respect: Billboard