For those unaware, yesterday was Beyoncé’s birthday, and after listening to her last album, it makes sense as to why Jay-Z might not be in the headline above. Instead of a full family affair, the First Lady of RocNation and the First Lady of the United States decided to get away together.

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Bey and Michelle Obama seem to be making it an all-women affair, with Barack being in China and Jay-Z nowhere to be found, it looks like the Carter/Obama females will have Labor Day to themselves.

Aside from the two mothers, Malia, Sasha, and Blue Ivy will be taking the trip down to Camp David for the weekend, as just several days ago Bey and Blue were seen exiting a private jet in Maryland in order to meet with the Obama’s.


If you took a listen to Beyoncé’s last album “Lemonade”, it might seem a bit clearer as to why she isn’t celebrating the holiday weekend with Hov. Listen to “Lemonade” HERE.