Last week across the Pacific in Beijing, Atlanta Hawks’ newest Center, Dwight Howard unveiled his DH2 signature shoe with PEAK. The eight-time NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist becomes one of the most accomplished basketball stars to team up with a Chinese footwear brand for a signature sneaker.

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The color way is inspired by yin and yang (in Chinese philosophy yin-yang are to seemingly opposing principles that actually show the complimentary interconnected forces in the natural world).

Dwight is working with PEAK to bring a limited release to the US.


This newest venture gives Dwight Howard’s legacy yet another boost. Regarded as one of the best big men in league history, with the accolades to prove it, Dwight Howard continues to ascend to new heights. Someone tell Drake that it’s going to be hard to reach a height that Dwight Howard can’t reach. Below, we have some of the photos from the DH2 reveal, check them out..

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As Dwight Howard heads back to the Eastern Conference after a long stint out West, he and the Atlanta Hawks will look to dethrone Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Some think that this is a real possibility as the Hawks have put together a string of productive seasons, and now they add dominant big man Dwight Howard. Laced with his new kicks the DH2s, and a fresh start, Dwight will look to reassert his will as the NBA’s best big man. Big personality, big game, and now a dope sneaker to match.