From the desk of Jade DelValle (Owner of DelValle Studios),

There I stood, what most would call a “Drake-head” since 2009, backstage at his concert. As I walked the halls of the New Orleans Arena, tour staff members, all dressed in OVO merch, busied themselves. To my right was a door that read “OVO Management”, and to my left was Drake’s dressing room. It was overwhelming to say the least — Trying to find a balance between fitting in and standing out.
Nevertheless, when it was showtime I put my gameface on. The crowd was electrifying. New Orleans welcomed Drake as if it was his home city, and I got to document it all. Being a huge fan of Drake and experiencing the concert up close and personal like this definitely put his music in better perspective. When Future came out the crowd roared. Without a doubt, the dynamic Drake and Future share in music, and their on stage chemistry plays a major role in the crowd’s reception to the two.
Jade has been killing it for all of 2016, and now she’s embarked on potentially her biggest opp of the year. Her coverage of The Summer Sixteen Tour came right after she captured amazing footage of Lil Wayne’s Lil Weezyana Fest. Larry Morrow gave her access inside of the official Summer Sixteen Tour after party, and she turned that into a movie as well, ending the video with footage from the party as DJ Chris Major provided the sounds. What’s next for Jade DelValle, well we’ll keep those exclusives to ourselves for now.

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