Tuesday morning a group of nine Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the only runway at London City Airport, put up a tripod and locked themselves in together in an effort to bring their cause to light.

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This time around, the protests weren’t the aftermath of the shocking death or unjust treatment of a Black individual at the ends of law enforcement or a white counterpart, but a response to the growing global issue of climate change.

Yes, climate change.


During the protest, the group took to social media to explain this particular fight, citing their aim as being to “highlight the U.K.’s environmental impact on the lives of black people locally and globally.”

According to the video, approximately £92,000 or $122,000 per year is the average salary of passengers at London City Airport, an international hub just east of City of London (not to be confused with London itself) and Canary Wharf, two major financial districts that make great use of the airport.

The airport serves to deliver short-haul flights throughout Europe in addition to a daily all-business class flight to New York.

According to the group, in a stark contrast, 40 percent of residents in the London Borough of Newham, where the airport is located, live on an average of just $26,000.


As a result of Tuesday’s protests, London City Airport reported disruptions to all of its flights. Ultimately, according to a statement released by the Metropolitan Police, officers arrested all nine protesters on charges of aggravated trespass, being unlawfully airside, and breaching London City Airport bylaws.