Wallway Pac, 25 year young spitta from Southside Raleigh, NC has dropped off an absolute banger in “Can’t Lose”. Nephew of NBA Superstar, John Wall of the Washington Wizards, Wallway Pac has paved his own lane, and worked his way to adding his own weight to the Wall name, and the Wallway brand. Developing a sound for the Southside of Raleigh, NC doesn’t seem like an easy task, but it’s one that Wallway Pac has seemingly embraced fully, and now the entire game should be waking up to him, and the developing sound real soon.

Why will Wallway Pac blow? 

Simple, his sound is distinct. The combination of a catchy, melodic flow with real life, street lyrics makes Wallway Pac perfect for 2016-2017 stardom. Kinda like John Wall’s emerging skill set makes him perfect for an MVP level szn in 2016-2017, shout to The Wizards. “Can’t Lose” is one of those tracks that rides perfectly, and because of its slowed down rhythmic feel, it gives you a chance to digest Wallway Pac as a lyricist. Opposite of Unc’s fast paced, lightning quick game that leaves defenders wondering where the heck he went.


Wallway’s image as a baller

Flick through Wallway Pac’s IG a few times, and you will see that he’s already got the baller lifestyle down pat. PJ’s, yacht’s, double R’s, the official Wallway chain, snapping up in mansions, he’s definitely already living lavish. One caption in a photo with John Wall reads, “we went from flipping that pissy mattress, to living lavish..”, and anyone with a hood dream can feel that on a different level. If you study rap, or urban culture at all, you’ll know that the image is so important, and right now Wallway Pac is right on key to transition seamlessly into life in the limelight.

Why should YOU bump “Can’t Lose”? 

You should bump “Can’t Lose” because as music consumers we always want to be ahead of the game. Get on Wallway early, before you’re that friend that has to hear your homie say the dreaded words, “Oh you just now listening to Wallway? Boy, I been on Wallway, since like Can’t Lose time”. Don’t be that person.

Check out “Can’t Lose” (here), also featured on Karen Civil’s Civil Selects on karencivil.com