Migos made a memorable cameo appearance on Donald Glover‘s FX television series,  Atlanta last night.

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In the third episode of the show’s first season, “Go For Broke,” the show’s characters Alfred aka Paper Boi and Darius must sell drugs. When the duo goes to re-up with “the migos” they meet up with Quavo, Offset and Takeoff.

Quavo delivers most of the speaking parts, and opened up to Complex about his acting debut.


“That was my first time—I mean like, I’ve been in videos but that TV stuff, you really got to repeat it and you really gotta do what you were doing the last five minutes ago,” Quavo told Complex. “Like, ‘Wait, this pencil goes right here because the camera was here.’ You gotta keep that shit in the same spot or else you’ll fuck up the whole scene.”

Quavo also discussed a potential Migos-Gambino collaboration, and said he hopes the group will appear on the show again: “If they call me back. Hopefully I did a good job and the people say this episode is the best episode and say ‘Bring Quavo back, bring The Migos back.'”

Atlanta airs every Tuesday night at 10 on FX.