Yesterday [Thursday, September 15], Chance the Rapper was on “The Ellen DeGeneres  Show,” and he performed his song “No Problem.” He brought out both 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne during his performance as well.

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The set was designed to look like a board room of a record label, with the sign “Generic Label” hanging over the door. Chance and his crew break in and start causing chaos, throwing papers everywhere and preventing the executives from cleaning up the mess. Chance, who is an independent artist, rips corporate management in the song.


Lil Wayne took advantage of performing the song, since he is in the middle of a battle with his label Cash Money, and changed his verse up to take a shot at his label. He rapped: If Cash Money try to stop me/ I’ma let them rob me/ Yeah right, like Ryan Lochte.

Watch the performance below.