Last night [Thursday, September 15], Donald Trump went on “The Tonight Show” and spoke with Jimmy Fallon. Trump went on “The Tonight Show” earlier this year and did a mock interview for the job of President.

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On this visit, Fallon didn’t hold back in his questions and jokes. Jimmy poked fun at the fact that Trump has given his show a lot of material for jokes because of the shocking things he says, and asked about Trump’s “celebrity bromance” with Vladimir Putin.


Fallon once again gave Trump a mock interview for the job of President, and then asked the Donald if he could do something that he might not be able to do ever again if Trump becomes President. Jimmy asked if he could mess up Donald’s hair, and Trump said yes. Fallon didn’t give his hair a gentle brush, but instead rubbed his hand back and forth, and totally ruined Trump’s combover set up that he has.

Watch the hilarious clip below.