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Derrick Rose is no longer in Chicago so he most certainly won’t hold back from speaking his mind. He recently spoke with Jared Zwerling of the NBPA and had some rather harsh words for the chi-town fan base.

The knicks acquired D-Rose from the bulls in June during the crazy trade summer and New York fans are anxious to see what the new look knicks have in store for this upcoming nba season. D-Rose missed a lengthy amount of time last season but hopefully with this upcoming season Rose will at least see a majority of the court rather than the sidelines. For the knicks, Rose is the best point guard the club has had in the past three years. D-Rose has been feeling the love from all-over and suggests that this is the most love he’s received ever in his nba career.

Per Jared Zwerling of the NBPA:


Rose had never envisioned playing anywhere but Chicago. He also didn’t have any family there. When it came to the Knicks, he only thought of them as the nemesis in their longtime rivalry with the Bulls. But he felt awakened by New York the day before his introductory press conference on June 24. The fans captured his attention, from walking on the street (“Yo, D-Rose, we can go to the playoffs,” a passerby said) to Philippe for dinner to ending the night at 1Oak nightclub (“Welcome the newest member of the Knicks, Derrick Rose,” the DJ shouted over the mic).

How does this reception from New Yorkers over the last couple months compare to the love he received from Chicago over his entire seven-year NBA career? It doesn’t come close.

“I was feeling a lot of love,” Rose said. “You feel that a little bit in Chicago, but it’s not on that level of New York, so it kind of makes you anxious to actually get on the court. It’s, like, ‘Man, they’re excited that I’m actually there.’ I haven’t even picked up a ball yet, I haven’t made a basket yet, and I can only imagine how they’re going to act when we start winning.

The NBA season will be here soon, and everyone in NY will have their eyes on Rose and the knicks club. Including me, Go knicks!