Wake Self‘s new video for “Malala” (off his new album of the same name) takes a bold approach against misogyny in a genre that too often disrespects women on a daily basis. The Albuquerque-based artist raps about the way society has been conditioned to look a women as nothing more than sexual objects, which has done (and continues to do) irreparable damage to young girls around the world.

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In honor of Nobel Peace Prizer winner Malala Yousafzai, Malala enlists the help of artists like Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, Miles Bonny, and Smoke M2D6 of Oldominion to propel his message forward.


As Wake told HipHopDX, “To me, real Hip Hop respects women. The world is out of balance. We are all affected by a history of objectification and gender inequality. Our pop culture and entertainment industries have accepted the degrading of women, and it’s marketed and sold to us. For anything to change, we must respect life. The lack of respect for women is an issue for all humankind, not just women. Our mothers, daughters, sisters and earth are sacred.”