Snow tha Product hip hop’s favorite lyrical Latina is not to be messed with on the mic, as we previously reported at the beginning of summer, before her Half Way There Tour kicked off. If her videos are any indication of her personal life, she isn’t interested in being played with romantically either.  Her video “Nights” earlier this year featured her and a car of ladies robbing a group of guys, and her latest video “No Lie” has her black hoodie up and gloved down with a can full of gas and a match for a jealous lover.

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The song falls more in the vein of current trap-soul records with with a playful, yet rapid, rhyme delivery and catchy composition. Snow has been on a terror this summer releasing a video, in most cases two a month, drawing in millions of views.

Fans still anticipate an album eventually from the Atlantic Record‘s artist, but that hasn’t stopped Snow at all from raising her buzz with interesting videos and insightful topic matter like race relations, the music climate and current events like in last month’s video “Snooze (Woke).”




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