Colombian Hip Hop stars Bomba Estereo are nominated for a Grammy for their album “Amanecer.” They are also on a coast to coast tour, and quietly they dropped one of the most subtly powerful videos of the year.

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Their latest offering “Soy Yo” lyrics offer self confidence and inspiration with lyrics like “Yo caí me pare camine me subí/ Me fui contra la corriente y también me perdí” which translates in English to “I fell down, stood up, rose up/I went against the stream and I got lost.”

The video parallels the poetic lyrics with a performance from a confident young lady, ignoring the social pressures to conform, showing resilience to be who she wants to be.


Lead singer Liliana Saumet said the song was all about self-love and positivity, while giving an inspirational visual to women all across the world telling Remezcla, “I love that she’s a little girl, and that shows off this side about women — how women can love and value themselves with all of their flaws, since society can be especially harsh toward them.”

The song is incredibly infectious. The snazzy recorder lead pops off the track and the Spanish lyrics ride the percussion with precision while creating a dance anthem sure to move the crowd. The video takes that energy to another level and offers young women with an inspirational pre-teen heroine, not afraid to be who she wants to be.