After a heart-breaking loss to the Atlanta Braves the night before, the New York Mets turned their luck around against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Braves’ Ender Inciarte stole a game winning 3-run home run from Yoenis Cespedes, which was crushing for Mets fans not only because they lost, but also because it would hurt them in the wild card race.

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Luckily for the Mets, the other teams in the wild card race, the San Fransisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals, also lost, so the Mets did not loose any ground in the wild card race. The Mets also have the easiest schedule out of the teams in the wild card race, so they were looking to capitalize on this home stretch.

Last night [Thursday, September 22], the Mets were on the verge of losing to the Phillies, down 6-4 in the bottom of the 9th. Up stepped Jose Reyes, and with one swing of the bat he tied the game up, 6-6, and sent it into extra innings. In the bottom of the 11th, after the Mets had given up 2 runs to the Phillies, Asdrubal Cabrera hit a 3-run walk off home run, giving the Mets the 9-8 win.


The Mets still atop the wild card race, tied with the Giants, and half a game ahead of the Cardinals. Mets fans will be feeling cautiously optimistic, with the schedule in their favor, but injuries also taking their toll on the team. As for the New York Yankees, after a shaky string of games, they are still technically in the wild card race, 3 games behind the leader, the Toronto Blue Jays, but they will need to play very well and have quite a bit of lucky to make it into the postseason.