It’s no secret that Hip Hop and weed have a harmonious bond bringing both fans and artists together for years. Artists like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y have made careers off the culture while other artists have started working in the industry offering medical and recreational products. So weed anthems aren’t going anywhere soon.

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Fittingly Colorado rapper Jahni Denver has been touring with Snow the Product for years now as part of her Woke family, blazing up the crowd (allegedly) and playing hype man. This week he released his first major video with the likes of DJ Hoppa, Dizzy Wright formerly of Funk Volume and rising star Demrick.

Of course the video is what you expect, marijuana and women, which is a good look. Demrick, most notably known from his work with Cypress Hill, laced a zoned out, lightly sprinkled auto-tune hook that fits the vibe nicely.


The rumor is that while Jahni and Wright we’re on tour they, like the hook says, smoked a quarter-pound of the green in two days (again, allegedly). Hence the song. Jahni will join Snow once again on her Been Woke Tour that starts Nov. 2nd in Tuscon, AZ.